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I Left My Heart in Haiti


Children of Haiti                               by Paula Lanson                            March 2017

What do you want?  A new pair of shoes, Starbucks coffee,  a new couch, new sheets,  a better hair style?  What do you need?  I mean really need?   If you had very little money or no money, no access to clean water to drink, or food to eat.  How would that change you? This year’s trip to Haiti overwhelmed me with the human need I saw and felt.  Read More...

Nessa: A Girl on a Mission                        by Mary Clifford                         August 2016

I met Nessa the first morning of our trip.   She was 9 years old.  The year was 2007 and it was my first trip to Haiti.   She appeared out of nowhere, with arms folded in fierce determination.  She said “Mwen vle ale lekòl”. “I want to go to school”.   We figured she must have scaled the 10-foot gate to get into the convent where we warehoused all the backpacks.  Nessa was determined..   Read More

Maria Phara:  Haitian Outreach Success     By Pauline Aliskevicz        June 2016

It’s not easy in this world to find someone or an organization that really want to help you achieve your dreams. But there are a few that believe in young people and who are willing to support them. HAITIAN OUTREACH is one of those who believes that the future of this world is us, the young generation.  Read More

Haiti: A Life Changing Experience            by Dennis Gauvin                  July 2016

It’s winter, I’m sitting in church at the 6:00 pm Mass and Deacon John is talking about the Haitian mission that St. Bernard’s supports. His story is interesting to say the least. I find myself thinking about their situation in Haiti. John, with his way of painting a picture with his words portrays an opportunity that is fulfilling and needed.  Read More