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I Left My Heart in Haiti


Hurricane Matthew's Impact on Haitian Outreach Ministries    October 10, 2016

Hurricane Matthew, the fiercest Caribbean storm in nearly a decade, slammed into Haiti on Tuesday, October 4, 2016 with 145 mile-per-hour (233 kph) winds and torrential rains that left 1.4 million people in need of humanitarian assistance.  

We have heard from the sisters in and around Port au Prince and they are all fine. They are concerned because they cannot reach the sisters in Roche de Bateau or Demassa in the southwestern region of Haiti which was the hardest region hit by the storm. The roads are impassable leaving those in in Roche de Bateau and Demassa stranded.  Electricity is also out in the southern region.

Ye Ye, the sister's driver in Port-au-Prince will travel with Sr. Fernange and Sr. Marie France to the south as soon as the roads are passable. As far as we know all 6 schools, the children and the sister that we assist are fine and safe.  

Please pray for those who have been devastated by Hurricane, Matthew.

For Haitian Outreach Ministry, it's one child at a time

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08/28/2016 07:02:58 AM EDT

 Haitian children wait patiently for their backpacks at the Mother Monique School in Haiti.                                                  COURTESY PHOTOS Sentinel and Enterprise staff photos can be ordered by visiting ourSmugMug site.

By Cheryl A. Cuddahy it’s that time of the year when students will be heading back to school -- new clothes, backpacks, school supplies and so much more. It seems like such an ordinary thing for students and parents each school year, doesn't it?

But if you ask volunteers of Haitian Outreach Ministry, they would paint a more serious picture.

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Haitian Outreach Opens Pack House and Donation Center May 2016


Haitian Outreach volunteers pack bags of rice to be sent to families in Haiti.

The New England cold winter months are over and we are on our way to completing our count of supplies needed for the 2017 school year. We are close to 300 backpacks to buy and fill for the upcoming year. If you are fortunate enough to be able to help us to reach the total number of items we need, we would love to have your help

Upon returning from Haiti in March we added approximately 70 new students to our program. This means donations are critical to support these new children. If you would like to sponsor a new child, please click Child Sponsorship Program.

We are grateful for every donation we receive. Donated items may be dropped off at our new pack house located behind the old St. Bernard's church at the rear of Water Street in Fitchburg.  If you need to schedule a drop-off, please contact Pauline Aliskevicz at 978 807-4397 or Rose Mary Richards at (978) 342-9118. 

Monetary donations will be accepted by either clicking on DONATE or sending a check to Haitian Outreach, P.O. Box 16, Fitchburg MA  01420.  No donation is too small and every donation goes to the families in Haiti.

We are grateful for our volunteer team who unselfishly give of their time to count, pack and fill bins with needed school supplies for our 6 schools in Haiti.

Haitian Outreach Adds New School in Des Coteaux       January 2016

Haitian Outreach is assisting the Sisters of the Immaculate Queen Mary Order to start a new school in Des Coteaux, Haiti. Two sisters will teach the children on tarps and sheets outside as they don’t have a building. They will live in a shack with no running water. The education the children will receive enormously out ways these conditions and shows the sacrifice that children will make to go to school.  They are amazing and will do whatever it takes to achieve their dream. To begin, we were able to send many donated items to help start this new journey.

St. Bernard's at St. Camillus Church TOP themselves in Donations!                                                                                                                                        January 2016 

During the month of January Haitian Outreach worked collaboratively with the parishioners to collect food, clothing and school supplies for donations to Haiti. These items go directly to our sponsored children of our 6 schools and their families. This year the response was overwhelming. Food, clothing, monetary donations, personal items and

school supplies were collected.

A parishioner of St. Camillus de, who would like to remain anonymous, donated funds to accommodate 22 children with tuition and backpacks for the school year! This person has been a Fitchburg resident all his life. He has been very supportive to the Haitian Outreach mission, and for that we are grateful.