Haitian Outreach                                                                        

I Left My Heart in Haiti

Marie Phara:  A Letter to Haitian Outreach

It’s not easy in this world to find someone or an organization that really want to help you achieve your dreams.  But there are a few that believe in young people and who are willing to support them.  HAITIAN OUTREACH is one of those who believes that the future of this world is us, the young generation. I want to take this moment to say THANK YOU to HAITIAN OUTREACH for accepting to support me in my studies. Since I’ve met them, I started to dream bigger because they made me believe that dreams do come true. They made me believe that we can change this world and are willing to help those in need.

After finishing my studies in medicine, I want to earn a Master’s degree in public health and specialize in internal surgery. I want to build a hospital in Haiti in an area where people still struggle to get health aid so that everybody can have access to medical insurance. I want also to create a foundation which is going to support people suffering from cancer. One of my biggest dreams is to become Minister of Health in my country to help improve the medical system in Haiti. I believe all those dreams can come true because there are people like you in this world, people who believe in us young people, people who believe that we can change this world. So thank you for your help, thank you for giving me hope.

Sincerely  Marie Phara