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I Left My Heart in Haiti

Children Raise Money for Haitian Outreach


Once upon a time there were 2 sisters, a cousin and a young uncle who lived in Rhode Island. They were introduced to the work that Haitian Outreach did for the children of Haiti. They wanted to help and put their heads together to figure out what they could do to assist children in Haiti who were much less fortunate than they were.

They decided to run a Lemonade Stand and give the profits to Haitian Outreach. On a warm day in July 2017 these young folks put themselves out in the sun and sold Lemonade to anyone who would stop at their stand.

They made a total of $23.26 for Haitian Outreach! Each person contributes their time and talent and it all adds up for God and the children of Haiti.

Thank you all so much!


Aunt Pauline & Uncle John

PS: They also collected new backpacks, lunch bags and toys from their Girl Scout troupe and neighbors.

Watch for these kids in the future!!